RWCS 2024 – The Premier International Academic Rheumatology Meeting

Innovative Program

You won’t just be sitting in your seat! The RWCS program is presented in innovative and interactive formats, including:

Rheumatology 2023: Year in Review
Two speakers will present and discuss the most relevant and important papers/abstracts/news stories/etc from the previous year. At the end, there will be time for audience Q&A and discussion.
“Outside the Box”
One speaker will cover a topic relevant to but outside traditional rheumatology subjects with ample time for audience Q&A and discussion.
“How I do it” Seminar
One speaker will cover a crucial topic in rheumatology from their personal perspective, supplemented by literature review, followed by audience Q&A and discussion.
Hot Topic
State of the Art:
One speaker will cover a topic of particular new relevance to rheumatologists, presenting the latest evidence, recommendations, and supporting data, followed by audience Q&A and discussion.
Two speakers will defend opposite sides of a statement proposed, related to a controversial subject, using the best data to support their arguments.
Beyond the Package Insert:
One faculty member will review the history, literature, and, most importantly, relevant issues concerning optimal current usage of a rheumatology therapeutic agent.
Evidence Based Medicine
One faculty member reviews and presents the best available evidence for a key topic, followed by audience Q&A and discussion.
The Hot Seat
One faculty member presents cases to a panel of faculty and to the audience to stimulate discussion on approaches to challenging rheumatology cases.
The Evolving Case
A case will be developed with the help of audience input to facilitate discussions among various faculty concerning touch areas in rheumatology practice.
Panel Discussions
All faculty and the audience members participate and give their assessment of and opinions on key topics in our field.
Afternoon Workshops
These sessions will cover practical issues relevant to the clinic in detail.

Program Details Coming Soon!


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