Call For Abstracts

Dear Colleague in Industry,

Abstracts for publication in the RWCS program book may also be submitted. Abstracts should be a maximum of 250 words which does not include title, authors, etc. Encore presentations are accepted. Tables/graphs be included as long as the printed abstract page fits an 8.5×11 paper. Among submitted abstracts, the top 3 rated abstracts will be displayed in the poster hall. The deadline for abstract submission is January 10, 2022. Submitted abstracts via email or our ONLINE FORM. Email to Nicole Gomez at:


Any exhibit, of which the cost is underwritten to any extent by a pharmaceutical company or other commercial enterprise, must avoid commercialism. Trade names must not be used for drugs, devices and/or instrumentation including lasers. In addition, such an exhibit should include a clear but inconspicuous acknowledgment stating that a portion of its cost was underwritten and identify the particular commercial company involved. No advertising matter of any kind may be distributed nor will any material display which, in any way, directly promotes the commercial interest of any particular company, enterprise, or the exhibitor be permitted. Any medications or other substances, devices or equipment referred to in exhibit materials must be identified by their scientific names.

Note: Sponsorship or funding by a commercial enterprise must be noted in the lower right hand corner of the exhibit. Failure to do so will result in the exhibit being taken down.

There is not an opportunity for poster display or presentation.

Should you need further information, please contact:
Nicole Gomez, Meeting Manager, by email at


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