2022 Fellow Poster Session Videos

Optic Neuritis in SLE: Dr. Peter Eum

A Tale of Two Vasculopathies: Dr. Peta-Gay Ricketts

Late Onset Scleroderma Renal Crisis: A Case Control Analysis – Dr. Yoon Qiu

COVID-19 Triggered Anti-MDA-5 Antibody: Innocent Bystander or Culprit? Dr. Smarika Saptoka

Beware of Dermatomyositis Mimickers: Dr. Jaclynn Levine

Treat to Target Strategy in RA: Dr. Dylan Lee

Rare Presentation of Vasculitis with Muscle Involvement: Dr. Liya Stolyar

Hospitalizations in Adolescents and Young Adults with SLE: Dr. Rashmi Dhital

Kids are Not Little Adults: Transitioning to Adult Care: Dr. Tiffany Hoang


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