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The 16th Annual Rheumatology Winter Clinical Symposium – THE Premier International Academic Rheumatology Meeting Meeting – will be held from February 15 to February 18, 2023 at the Wailea Marriott in Maui, Hawaii, USA.

This outstanding meeting, run by a world-class faculty, will review key and novel aspects relevant to the approach to and treatment of rheumatic diseases. The format has been specifically designed to allow optimal time for discussions and interactions.

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Attend RWCS 2023 In-Person or On-Line!

rwcs 2023

In-Person at the Wailea Marriott, Maui, Hawaii
February 15-18, 2023

  • RWCS is our in-person meeting being held at the Wailea Marriott on Maui from February 15-18, 2023.
  • The live meeting provides unlimited opportunities for networking and includes all social functions and exhibits.
  • On-demand video viewing of all recorded lectures will be available for 30 days after the meeting. These recordings are non-CME and do not offer MOC points.
  • IMPORTANT: Live stream will not be available to on-site registrants.
  • Registration is non-transferable.

RWCS 2023

Live-Stream Virtual Meeting
February 15-18, 2023

  • e-RWCS is our virtual platform bringing our world-class rheumatology CME conferences direct to you.
  • Our e-RWCS 2022 meeting from February 15-18, 2023 is being broadcast via live-stream for those unable to join us on Maui.
  • CME credits are earned for attending each session during the live meeting.
  • On-demand video viewing of all recorded lectures will be available for 30 days after the meeting. These recordings are non-CME and do not offer MOC points.
  • Registration includes every session presented at the in-person meeting.
  • Registration is non-transferable.

— RWCS is not responsible for anything that occurs related to attendance of the conference.

Innovative Program

You won’t just be sitting in your seat! The RWCS program is presented in innovative and interactive formats, including:

Rheumatology 2022: Year in Review
Two speakers will present and discuss the most relevant and important papers/abstracts/news stories/etc from the previous year. At the end, there will be time for audience Q&A and discussion.
“Outside the Box”
One speaker will cover a topic relevant to but outside traditional rheumatology subjects with ample time for audience Q&A and discussion.
“How I do it” Seminar
One speaker will cover a crucial topic in rheumatology from their personal perspective, supplemented by literature review, followed by audience Q&A and discussion.
Hot Topic
State of the Art:
One speaker will cover a topic of particular new relevance to rheumatologists, presenting the latest evidence, recommendations, and supporting data, followed by audience Q&A and discussion.
Two speakers will defend opposite sides of a statement proposed, related to a controversial subject, using the best data to support their arguments.
Beyond the Package Insert:
One faculty member will review the history, literature, and, most importantly, relevant issues concerning optimal current usage of a rheumatology therapeutic agent.
Evidence Based Medicine
One faculty member reviews and presents the best available evidence for a key topic, followed by audience Q&A and discussion.
The Hot Seat
One faculty member presents cases to a panel of faculty and to the audience to stimulate discussion on approaches to challenging rheumatology cases.
The Evolving Case
A case will be developed with the help of audience input to facilitate discussions among various faculty concerning touch areas in rheumatology practice.
Panel Discussions
All faculty and the audience members participate and give their assessment of and opinions on key topics in our field.
Afternoon Workshops
These sessions will cover practical issues relevant to the clinic in detail.

Premier Faculty |  2023

Our world-class faculty includes some of the best-known, well-respected, and dynamic leaders in their field.The intimate nature of RWCS provides ample opportunity for interaction with these thought-leaders; prepare to be inspired and motivated by their commitment to ongoing rheumatology education.

Program Chairman: Arthur Kavanaugh, MD
• Philip Mease MD (RWCS 2023 Kahuna award recipient; for a “lifetime excellence in rheumatology education”).• Uma Mahadevan, MD
• Marty Bergman, MD• George Martin, MD
• Jack Cush MD• Anna Postolova, MD
• Anisha Dua, MD• Eric Ruderman MD
• Roy Fleischmann MD• Susan Shenoi, MD
• Allan Gibofsky, MD, JD• Orrin Troum, MD
• Artie Kavanaugh, MD• Alvin Wells, MD, PhD

Never Stop Learning!

RWCS provides up-to-the-minute continuing education throughout the year with breaking news and highlights from the conference.

2021 Fellow Poster Session Videos

Fellow Case Presentations 2022

NOTE: Click on Name to Link to Presentation

  • Liya Stolyar – A Rare Presentation of Vasculitis with Muscle Involvement
  • Peter (Ki) Eum – Optic Neuritis in SLE
  • Dylan Lee – Implementing Target to Treat Strategy in Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Smarikat Sapkota – MDA5 Antibody and COVID19
  • Yoon Qui – Late-onset scleroderma renal crisis: Literature review and case-control analysis
  • Rashmi Dhital – Infection-related Hospitalizations in Adolescents and Young Adults with SLE: Data From National Inpatient Sample
  • Jaclynn Levine – Beware of Dermatomyositis Mimickers
  • Peta-Gay Ricketts – A Tale of Two Vasculopathies
  • Tiffany Hoang – Kids are not little adults: Considerations for pediatric rheumatology patients transitioning to adult care

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